We're currently hiring individuals who possess the ability to collaborate effectively with our client-focused team, leveraging their skills to turn challenging situations into successful outcomes.

assorted-color jellyfish painting
assorted-color jellyfish painting

Work Culture at Esparcidor

At Esparcidor, our work culture is the cornerstone of our success. We foster an environment where innovation thrives, collaboration fuels creativity, and diversity drives excellence. Every team member is valued for their unique perspective, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive workplace. We encourage autonomy and initiative, supporting growth and development at every step. Join us in a culture that celebrates individuality while working together towards a common vision, where every voice is heard, and every idea matters.

Here's what we have for you

Field Executives Needed:

We are seeking:

  • 10 in Mumbai

  • 5 in Bengaluru

  • 20 in Delhi

  • 8 in Surat (Gujarat)

Your role involves visiting clients; we'll arrange appointments. Your task is to onboard them. If interested, kindly complete the form below to apply.

Creative Director:

Lead our creative team at Esparcidor, where your guidance sets the tone. Your vision will shape our creative direction, while we take care of the rest. To apply, please fill out the form below.

Social Media Experts Wanted:

If you're experienced in social media, we're interested in hearing from you. Your expertise will speak for itself. Fill out the form below to apply. If you're new to the field but passionate, we'll consider your application provided you demonstrate sincere interest in growing in this role.

Seeking Vice President for Indian Operations:

Join us as the Vice President for our Indian division. Roles and responsibilities will be elaborated during our one-on-one interviews. Express your interest by contacting us at sarah@crascita.tech.

Please compose a message relevant to the position you are applying for.