Comparison is crucial when making decisions that can impact your entire business. We are introducing a strategy that has never been revealed or introduced by any other agency. However, considering ourselves your partner, we hesitantly state that we are an ad agency because we put forth efforts to enhance your products, keeping in mind that they are ours. Let's engage in a brief comparison.

gray concrete face bust on white surface
gray concrete face bust on white surface


In a narrative of innovation, Crascita introduced Esparcidor as its brand agency, aiming to provide elevated professional services to individuals serious about enhancing their brand value and amplifying brand upgrades and advertising efforts.

The Others

Other globally renowned companies in advertising and branding excel in their respective specialties, performing exceptionally well. Yet, none of them extend the offering of shareholding or similar options to clients. Take a closer look at the comparison table provided below for a comprehensive understanding.


Dentsu, a Japanese advertising and PR powerhouse founded in 1901, holds a prominent position as Japan's largest advertising agency and the fifth largest globally. With deep ties to the Japanese government and extensive influence, it's been likened to the unofficial communications arm of the ruling party. Despite controversies around overworking employees and bid rigging, its global presence in over 140 countries, 60,000+ employees, and acquisition of Aegis Group in 2013 solidified its status as the world's largest ad agency network. Despite criticism, Dentsu's pivotal role in shaping the Japanese advertising landscape post-WWII and its agility in the digital market underscore its enduring impact on the industry.


BlueFocus Communication Group, a leading integrated marketing communications (IMC) powerhouse in China, offers a wide spectrum of services encompassing strategy development, digital marketing, advertising, media management, social engagement, PR campaigns, design, branding, CRM solutions, data analytics, e-commerce guidance, and mobile marketing. Renowned for its success in aiding clients and industry accolades like the "Top 10 Global PR Agency Ranking 2017" by the Holmes Report, BlueFocus dominates China's IMC market, positioned strongly both locally and globally for sustained growth.


Epsilon, a prominent marketing company, provides an extensive array of services spanning strategy formulation, digital marketing, advertising campaigns, media management, social media engagement, public relations, creative design, brand development, CRM solutions, data analysis, e-commerce guidance, and mobile marketing. Renowned for aiding clients and industry recognition, Epsilon stands as a key player in the marketing sphere, positioned for continued growth and influence.


MCCANN, a notable marketing agency, offers a comprehensive suite of services including strategy development, digital marketing, advertising campaigns across various channels, media management, social media engagement, public relations, creative design solutions, brand management, CRM expertise, data analytics, e-commerce support, and mobile marketing. Recognized for its client success stories and industry prominence, MCCANN stands as a major force in the marketing landscape, poised for ongoing expansion and impact.

Let`s Begin with Small Partnership

Embark on your project with Esparcidor, our newly established company ready to offer you a share of its holdings. This collaborative approach ensures that both parties reap the maximum benefits, fostering unhindered growth and access to cost-effective services. Your involvement in our shared success paves the way for optimal outcomes without any hesitations.

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